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12 User Management - Security

There are 4 types the daemon might allow user's to connect to the daemon (e.g. with powersave/kpowersave):

ALL: Everybody is allowed to connect to the daemon

RESMGR: The daemon asks the resmgr who is allowed to obtain PM related info or control.

GROUP: You can specify a system group in common config file and add users to this group that are allowed to communicate with the daemon

ROOT: The superuser is always allowed to connect. If the -a parameter is missing at all, when invoking the powersaved, only root is allowed to connect.

Also see the manpage of powersaved (param: -a). You can change the security settings in the /etc/sysconfig/powerave/common file by modifing the variable: POWERSAVED_SECURITY and if you have chosen group you can specify the group that is allowed to connect to the daemon through the variable: POWERSAVED_PM_GROUP This will tell the init script to always use this settings at boot time.

Note that for the resmgr setting support has to be compiled in and the resource manager package needs to be installed.