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24 Lists and Links

24.1 Mailinglists

If you have any trouble ask on one of the lists (email at where_to_subscribe):

The Powersave Developer List: at

The acpi-devel List: at

The cpufreq List: at

The SUSE Laptop List (German mainly): at

24.2 Useful Links

The powersave project is hosted on: (including CVS)

and (new packages, discussions)

If you think you discovered an ACPI/cpufreq/or whatever related kernel bug, please assign to the kernel bugzilla at:

and report your bug against the ACPI subsystem (you will get help for sure).

If you think you have a broken DSDT search:

whether you find a fix. You can also submit a fixed DSDT there if you found a bug in yours.

You find the newest ACPI specification here:

The kernel patches (already included in most distributions - see DSDT) to override your DSDT at runtime is located at:

If your distribution does not already provide packages/tools to extract, compile and dissassemble the DSDT you find the current iasl (Intel ACPI Source Language) compiler here:

and userspace tools to reach the DSDT you find here: