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15 Compiling and Installing the Sources

15.1 Get the Sources

15.1.1 Get the Tarball

You can download CVS HEAD tarballs via the CVSweb frontend:


The clients can be found here:
kpowersave: wmpowersave:

15.1.2 Get the CVS Sources

export CVS_RSH=ssh cvs -z3 co modulename

The module you wish to check out must be specified as modulename (either 'powersave', 'kpowersave' or 'wmpowersave'). When prompted for the password, simply enter "anonymous".

We'll try to let HEAD stay in good shape all the time but well, you never know. Tell us if you find bugs or have problems compiling.

15.2 Compiling

In the powersave directory do:

  1. autoreconf -fi ./configure –prefix=/usr

    (./configure –help gives further instructions (recommended))

  2. If no error occures type "make"

  3. change the user to root (su root) and type "make install"

15.3 Needed Packages for Compiling

This list is probably not complete, but gives an overview: