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17 Programs/Tools interacting with the Powersave Daemon

Currently I know of three clients that make use of or are based on the powersave daemon functionalities:

  1. KPowersave

    The graphical KDE front-end to powersave. Works reliable and stable and got extensive testing. Perfect for end-users.

    It supports switching between schemes, triggering suspend, shows the current battery level and warns if battery limits are sub-ceeded. It also offers configuration of X-based power functions such as DPMS and screensaver and some more.

    The KPowersave daemon is currently maintained by Danny Kukawka (

  2. WMPowersave

    The graphical Window Maker front-end. Similar functionalities as KPowersave, but slightly restricted due the fact that it is a Window Maker applet.

    The WMPowersave client is currently maintained by Holger Macht, who also implemented the client connection stuff in the powersave daemon (

  3. Yast Power-Management Modul

    Let the end-user configure most of the variables in /etc/sysconfig/powersave/* graphically. Unfortunately SUSE only of course.

The KPowersave and WMPowersave project are also hosted on the powersave project's sites at and